SCM Associates establishes first Nursing Student Clinical Education Training Program and Partnership with Mount Saint Mary’s University

SCM is proud to be a clinical site for the Nursing students at Mount St. Mary’s University. During their clinical rotation with SCM, students learn about Case Management, the process a patient goes through, both before and after a hospital stay, as well as the care coordination that is needed to provide quality care in a holistic manner.

As the clinical site, we love teaching the students about the behind-the-scenes of case management. For instance, how authorizations and care coordination happen, compared to what they would see in a hospital setting as a staff nurse.

Here at SCM, we love seeing the students’ curiosity, answering their questions, and being able to share real case scenarios. This engages them to think about nursing in a brand-new way.


What the students are saying:

Thank you for showing us aside of nursing we never thought we would get the opportunity to see. We are all so grateful for the knowledge and experiences you shared with us and we will surely carry them on as we prepare to become future RNs. You are a true inspiration for all of us. We especially appreciate the enthusiasm you have in teaching.

Spring 2021 MSMU Nursing Seniors